Friday, September 18, 2020

Students' Response to Meme Assignments (rhetorical analysis essays, research essays, thesis statements, creative writing, and study skills)

"I can't believe I am saying this, but by making memes about my research topic, I understood my topic better. Somehow making something visual helped my brain make sense of what you wanted us to do."

"I like the re-telling of the short story through memes the most because it helped me better understand and analyze the story and short stories in general but it was also fun, creative, and unconventional."

"The meme assignment helped me understood the stories better."

"The memes assignment helped me realize that I do like poetry. I had no idea"

"What made the research paper more fun?! Creating memes about it."

"They allowed me to incorporate my own thoughts and experiences into my writing by first exploring through visuals. I never would have thought a meme assignment would help."

"I felt that it was a fun way of learning and expressing thoughts. It combined real-world life today with text that we read in class and I felt that this was a very good learning experience."

"I liked the short story re-telling memes the best. It was interesting to use different media to re-tell the story. This was definitely my favorite project. I learned a lot about the literature itself, and learned a lot about other ways modern media can be used."

"It helped me become more interested in the assignment I was doing."